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  • Fahrradanhänger

    Child trailer

    Qeridoo bike trailers offer the highest quality at a reasonable price. SECURITY and COMFORT are very important to us.
    We offer a wide range of bicycle trailer, that suit your very needs.


  • Material

    Quality from Qeridoo

    Qeridoo bike trailers are built from high quality materials and have undergone all sorts of tests before they are released for sale. They are also tested for pollutant limits, because your children‘s safety is our priority.

  • Faltrad

    The Qeridoo folding bike, a bike without limitations

    The Qeridoo folding bike offers high comfort and a sophisticated design to the usual low price.


  • Hunde Auswahl

    Qeridoo dog trailer

    Regardless of the size, we offer the suitable trailer for every four-legged companion.


  • Hund Image

    Qeridoo dog trailer

    Your four-legged companion needs lots of exercise and activities in the fresh air. You can bring your pet to hikes in the park or even take them on long bike rides.


  • Freizeit

    Qeridoo Joggersets

    Stay active with our Qeridoo® bike trailer.
    Whether you use Qeridoo® child carrier as a baby jogger, stroller or bike trailer, your children will be as excited as you.


Welcome to Qeridoo®!

Dear customers, we offer high quality goods from Qeridoo ®! Our bike trailers are made of high quality materials and have undergone all the tests before they are released for sale.

 We do while others try!

Qeridoo® provides:

  •  High security
  •  Convenient operation and easy handling
  •  High quality materials and workmanship
  •  Lots of accessories
  •  good price/performance ratio